Ceramic Coating

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What is a ceramic coating?

The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as glass or ceramic coatings. These coatings are made from materials that are much more durable than traditional sealants and waxes giving you more durable, longer-lasting protection for your vehicle. The ceramic coating is designed to protect the paint surface from bird lime, acid etching, and other corrosive substances. It will produce a harder-than-factory finish that is easy to keep clean. As a professional detailer with more than 10 years of experience, Fox Valley Detailing Owner Dave Mueller is highly trained and certified to apply professional-grade ceramic coatings.

Fox Valley Detailing offers a full line of ceramic coatings for your paint, wheels, and even interior surfaces. The most durable ceramic coatings offered by Fox Valley Detailing can last years with proper maintenance and will keep your car looking new and save you time maintaining it. Ceramic coatings have chemical resistance and release properties that are superior to any wax or sealant on the market, and ceramic coatings will help you keep your paint looking fresh and new.

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Benefits of a Professional Ceramic Coating

  • Ease of Maintenance

  • No More Waxing Or Polishing To Remove Oxidation

  • No More Staining From Chemicals

  • No More Etching From Bugs & Bird Poop

  • Superior Gloss & Slickness

  • Protect The Value Of Your Vehicle

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Professional Coatings = Superior Results

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Short Term Protection Package

The short term protection package includes the application of a glossy ceramic coating designed to last up to one year with regular maintenance and provide your vehicle with high levels of gloss and shine. This coating is a great option to keep your exterior paint looking fresh and new in between your annual details. The benefit of this service is that the exterior paint can be repolished each year if it becomes necessary to remove defects between annual details. This service includes an exterior detail and one-step paint enhancement prior to the application of a ceramic coating to all exterior painted surfaces.

Sedan Price Starts at $425

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Long Term Protection Package

The Long Term protection package includes the application of a much more durable and glossy product than the short term ceramic coating option. The long term protection package will save you time maintaining your vehicle as the coating makes it very easy to keep your car clean and is an extremely durable protection option that adds fantastic gloss and shine to your vehicle’s paint. When applied on top of the factory clear coat, it bonds to the paint and forms a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to contaminants. With regular and fast maintenance, this coating is designed to last for up to 5 years.

Sedan Price Starts at $675

Additional services For Ceramic Coatings

Minor Paint Correction

The minor paint correction includes a light machine polish of all painted surfaces to enhance gloss and remove light imperfections. With this service, we aim to correct and remove minor surface imperfections. Results may vary.

Price by inspection only

Major Paint Correction

The major paint correction includes a compound of all painted surfaces to remove heavy defects and/or etching. After compounding, the paint is polished to further refine the surface. We aim to take your paint to a very high level of correction and refinement so it looks pristine!

Price by inspection only

More About the Benefits

We briefly covered the benefits of a ceramic coating, but what does that look like for you on a day-to-day basis? Continue reading for a more thorough breakdown of how a ceramic coating helps save you time and money taking care of your vehicle.


Ease of Maintenance

Whether you wash your car yourself or take it through an automatic car wash, it costs you time out of your day or money out of your pocket. When you invest in a ceramic coating, you make it easier to clean and maintain the exterior of your vehicle.

This is because a ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic protection layer on your car. This means that it better repels water, thereby allowing beads of moisture from rain to slide right off the surface of your car. This also means that dirt, grime, and other debris you encounter while you’re on the road can’t adhere to your vehicle as easily. This shortens cleaning time by allowing you to effortlessly wipe away any grime that does end up sticking to your car.

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No More Waxing or Sealing

Car wax and sealants serve a similar purpose as a ceramic coating. They add dimension and shine to your vehicle’s paint while repelling dirt and debris. That said, car wax and sealants don’t last nearly as long as a ceramic coating.

When you invest in a ceramic coating, you eliminate the need to have your car waxed or sealed for the life of the coating because the ceramic coating is already doing the job of these other products — and it does that job much more efficiently and for a much longer period of time. Further, you don't need to polish your paint for the life of the coating as the ceramic coating protects your vehicle from oxidizing in the sun.

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No More Chemical Stains

From de-icing agents spread on the road in the winter to acid rain in more polluted areas, your vehicle is exposed to a variety of naturally acidic contaminants on a regular basis. When you invest in a ceramic coating for your vehicle, you’re creating a barrier between these contaminants and your car’s paint. This prevents the chemicals from bonding with the surface of your vehicle and creating stains.

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No More Etching from Bug Guts & Bird Poop

Other contaminants that a ceramic coating protects your vehicle from are bug guts and bird droppings. When these contaminants land on your vehicle, they can etch through the clear coat of your car’s paint in just a few hours. This is because these contaminants are also acidic.

Just as a ceramic coating protects your car against chemical stains, it protects your car against chemical etching caused by bug guts and bir dropping contaminants. This effectively protects your car’s paint year-round without having to invest in different products at the change of each season.


Superior Gloss & Slickness

While there are a variety of products available that offer a glossy finish and a slick coating for your vehicle’s paint, nothing can beat the durability and thorough protection offered by a ceramic coating. The long-lasting coverage of a ceramic coating means that your vehicle will stay glossy despite the contaminants you may encounter on your daily commute or weekend travels.

Not only that, but a ceramic coating is also designed to enhance the natural reflective properties of your vehicle’s paint. This adds more dimension and shine that other products simply can’t match.


Protection of Your Vehicle’s Value

While all of these benefits make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle, they also help protect the value of your car as well. Protection from UV rays, chemical stains, etchings from bird droppings, and more means less damage to your vehicle over time. By maintaining the exterior appearance of your vehicle, you’re protecting its value should you ever decide to sell or trade it. Further, Fox Valley Detailing offers a ceramic coating option that is reported to CARFAX, thus helping you justify the increased value of the vehicle when you sell it or trade it.


"The best part may be how amazing it looks"

Dave did an incredible job on my 3-year old BMW. I think it looks as good as the day I drove it off the lot. The interior is immaculate with not spec of dust or crumb to be seen. The leather seating was treated and brought back to life. The best part may be how amazing it looks on the outside. The ceramic coating applied gives it a shine which I haven't seen since it was brand new. Highly recommend Dave and Fox Valley Detailing.


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