Interior Detailing


At Fox Valley Detailing in Chicago, our service is a major leap above anything you could get from your local car wash. All work is done by the owner, Dave Mueller, who is a professionally trained and certified detailer. With his experience and expertise, you can rest assured your vehicle will be well taken care of and you'll receive it in pristine condition.

Dave sincerely cares about the overall result and doing the work in a way that protects your vehicle. He understands that the interior of your vehicle is made up of different materials and that it’s important to use the right chemicals to clean and protect those surfaces. For example, a carpet can be cleaned with a chemical that is more alkaline on the pH scale, but it then must be extracted with hot water that is more acidic on the pH scale so the carpet is left in a neutral state and won’t just attract more dirt to the fibers after it is dry.

He also focuses on making sure he meticulously cleans and details your vehicle's interior to reduce the overall amount of bacteria and germs in your car. Most vehicles are full of germs because many of us are in them every day and never properly clean them. In fact, a steering wheel is about four times dirtier than a toilet seat. Dave uses a European steam method to clean the interior, along with safe chemicals and professional cleaning processes and tools to get your interior as clean as possible and feeling new again. He has high expectations for the finished result, and his only goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied and earn your five-star review.


Dave's Signature Interior Details!

An interior detailing service will rejuvenate and sanitize your interior, remove all dirt and grime, and restore your interior to like-new condition. This detail includes steam cleaning and hot water extraction as needed to deep clean the carpet and cloth upholstery, as well as complete cleaning of all leather, vinyl, hard surfaces, and glass. We also add protection to the hard surfaces to prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays. All interior only details include a complimentary soft-touch hand wash. The prices shown below is for a sedan and will increase based on the size and condition of your vehicle.

Stage 1 Interior is $225 - For Well Maintained Vehicles

Stage 2 Interior is $340 - For Vehicles That Need Extra Attention

Stage 3 Interior is $450 - When Life Is Really Messy

Protection For Interiors

Carpet and Fabric

Your carpets should be protected with a safe chemical that creates a hydrophobic coating on the surface to make it much easier to keep clean in between your annual or bi-annual interior details. When liquids come in contact with the protection on the surface, that surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining.

Starts at $75

Leather Surface

Our leather coating creates a hydrophobic surface to protect leather and vinyl from premature aging, cracking, and other damage such as color transfer and staining. The leather coating is manufactured using a hybrid of ceramic and acrylic resins that allows a strong, flexible coating for lasting protection.

Starts at $120

Interior Ceramic Coating

If you want the best protection available for your interior, then you should consider an interior ceramic coating. The ceramic product is applied to all your interior surfaces. It will protect leather, vinyl, plastics, carpet, and fabric. This service includes backing from an industry-leading warranty.

Starts at $605

5 Benefits of Regular Interior Detailing

Whether it’s your daily driver or weekend cruiser, your vehicle benefits from regular interior detailing — and so do you! From creating a safe and healthy environment to drive in to maintaining and protecting the value of your car’s interior, there are several reasons to invest in regular interior detailing. Learn more about the main benefits, and schedule your interior detailing appointment with Fox Valley Detailing in Chicago today.

Protect Upholstery.jpg

Protect Upholstery

Depending on the type of upholstery installed in your car, there are different environmental risks that can age and damage it over time. When you invest in regular interior detailing, you ensure that the right products are used to clean and protect your upholstery. For leather, cleaning and conditioning it will help prevent cracking and fading. Fabric and carpet will be shampooed and vacuumed. This process is done gently and with a skilled hand to prevent fraying of the fibers.

Rubber mats also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent the break down of the mats from deicing agents that you track into your vehicle during the winter.

We highly recommend that you have your windows tinted to protect the interior of your vehicle. UV rays can dry, fade, and crack interior upholstery, but a high-quality window tint can block these rays and prevent premature aging and damage.

Stain Removal & Prevention.jpg

Stain Removal & Prevention

Remove unsightly stains and prevent new ones from forming when you invest in regular interior detailing for your vehicle. We use products that lift stains, remove grease and grime, and clean up any pet hair that’s threaded itself into the fabric or carpet of your vehicle.

Not only do we remove stains, hair, and residue from the interior of your vehicle, we use products that help maintain its appearance for longer periods of time. This is because our cleaning products help to form a barrier between your car’s interior surfaces and contaminants that would otherwise cause stains.



Not only does interior detailing help restore your vehicle’s aesthetic, it also helps keep you healthier. Unless you always drive with the windows down (which we doubt you do in frigid Chicago winters), then you’re driving in an enclosed environment where air is being recirculated through the cab. By regularly having the interior surfaces cleaned and sanitized you’re eliminating germs that could potentially make you or any passengers sick.

At Fox Valley Detailing, we use sanitizers that are gentle enough on your car’s interior so as not to damage any materials. We focus on sanitizing the areas that you touch the most often, including the stereo, navigation system, A/C and heating dials, steering wheel, stick shift, ignition, glove compartment, center compartment, cup holders, windshield visors, window locks, door locks, and door handles.

Allergy Prevention.jpg

Allergy Prevention

Remember that the interior of your vehicle is an enclosed environment, which means that germs aren’t the only things being recirculated through your air system. Dust, debris, and other allergens can get sucked in through air vents or tracked in from your clothing, which can make your car a hotbed for allergic reactions. By regularly having your car detailed, cleaned, vacuumed, and sanitized, you help cut down on the allergens present in the cab of your vehicle. This makes for a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable ride for everyone.

Preserve Value.jpg

Preserve Value

At the end of the day, all of these benefits boil down to preserving the value of your vehicle. Whether you sell or trade your car someday, you’ll be glad you invested in regular interior detailing to ensure you get the highest possible price your vehicle when you sell it. Contact Fox Valley Detailing in Chicago today to schedule an interior detailing appointment for your vehicle.


"Incredible attention to detail."

Superior Service. Absolutely incredible!!! My car was an absolute mess. Car was covered in dog hair, mud and dog drool. Windows filthy. When I picked up I was in AWE. Dave cleaned from bumper to bumper, every inch of it. Incredible attention to detail. I could not be happier. Highly recommend Fox Valley Detailing.