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At Fox Valley Detailing in Chicago, we offer a variety of other detailing services to meet all of you auto detailing needs. We also work with a network of professional automotive industry professionals and can refer you for window tint, paint protection film, paintless dent repair, and body repair work. Please ask us about the services below and how we can best meet your specific needs.


Engine Bay Detailing

This service will rejuvenate your engine bay, remove dirt and grime, and get it looking new again. This is a great way to keep your engine in top shape as you will quickly be able to see any leaking gaskets or other problem areas.

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Headlight Restoration

Yellow and oxidized headlights can be restored and headlight restoration is a much more affordable option than replacing these expensive car parts. We sand, polish, and protect your headlights to restore the exterior portion of the lense.

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Road Tar Removal

This service is designed to remove road tar and other embedded contaminants from your vehicle's paint. The price is based on the length of time needed to remove the contamination. The work is very thorough and safe.

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Trim Restoration

Faded plastic trim can be restored with a semi-permanent coating. This is a great option to consider if you are selling your vehicle, as this small expense will put more money back in your pocket at resale with restored trim.

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Smoke Removal

  • We use an intensive interior cleaning process and ozone treatment to attempt to remove all traces of smoke from the interior of your vehicle. At the conclusion of this service, you will also need to replace the cabin air filter.

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